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A ‘Neighbourhood Safer Place’ also known as a ‘Bushfire Place of Last Resort’ (NSP-BPLR) is a place of last resort when all other bushfire plans have failed.

Please visit this page regularly to ensure that you have knowledge of the current designated NSP-BPLRs near you. It is important to understand that locations are added and removed from this list by municipal councils from time to time.

Please ensure you read the important information below before you search for NSP-BPLRs.

Searching for your nearest NSP-BPLR:


Important Information about NSP-BPLRs

NSP-BPLRs are not designed to replace a personal bushfire survival plan. CFA advises that everyone should have a Bushfire Plan and should practice it.

NSP-BPLRs are municipal council designated buildings or open spaces within the community that may afford some protection from flames and heat through a separation distance from the fire hazard (e.g. forest).

They are a place of last resort, in bushfire emergencies only, that may assist people when there is imminent threat of bushfire and they have no plan, or their planned options are not possible.

They are not locations to relocate to when leaving early. On hot, dry, windy days, especially on Code Red Fire Danger Rating days, leaving the area early before there is any chance of fire activity,including along your travel path, is always the safest option.

Please be aware of the following risks associated with NSP-BPLRs:

Not all communities will have a designated NSP-BPLR in the local area or close to your home.

A back up plan may include a nearby NSP-BPLR but should also identify other last resort options that individuals have personally assessed as being a safer option if caught in a fire. Read more about back up plans and other last resort options.

For more information on Neighbourhood Safer Places – Bushfire Place of Last Resort, please read these Questions and Answers.

For residents near the Victoria / New South Wales or Victoria / South Australia borders:

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